Poor environmental quality causes poor health in humans essay sample

Environmental hazards follow us whenever we go. Sitting in the office or having a vacation at the seashore, people inhale air, drink water, and consume food, all of which can be polluted. Things we expose ourselves to directly influence our quality of life. Natural resources that have changed their qualities for worse may cause a number of conditions, from a routine allergy to cancer and mutations. Not all people are equally exposed to environmental effects, but a regular intake of a toxic substance (no matter whether the air or water) will sooner or later evoke a response in the body.

Air pollution is perhaps the most potent factor that influences our quality of life. Omnipresent greenhouse gasses have become a characteristic feature of the twenty-first century. As long as renewable energy is not widely used by industries and individuals, byproducts of combustion will accelerate climate change, which restricts human access to clean natural resources. Besides, people living in highly industrialized areas daily inhale an overlarge dose of carcinogenic chemicals, which  increases the number of premature deaths.

Smoking is yet another factor that influences the air we breathe. The rates of cancer steadily rise even among second-hand smokers because people have practically no chance to fully separate themselves from active smokers.

Industrial wastes spilled into the water sufficiently worsen the quality of life as well. Insecticides, herbicides, and antibiotics used for intensive farming inevitably end up in the drinking water and cause a damage to organs and systems.

Both developed and developing nations are vulnerable to the damaging impact of external factors, but certainly, people in poor countries suffer from the present-day environmental damage much more. Some people here are occupied with an illegal utilization of toxic e-wastes that further is accumulated in the atmosphere.

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