Problematising state interest and public orders essay sample



State interests and public orders are the drives which determine the domestic and international activity of the government. State interest is a comprehensive term which refers to any matter of a public concern which is regulated by the government in a legislative way. Normally, legislation meets public interests which means that state interests are equal to public orders. For example, when the government restricts an access to unapproved prescription drugs, they protect their citizens from side effects of the addictive substances. Another example is standardized testing paper  – it is important to evaluate student’s knowledge at the outcome of education and the quality of education provided on the national level.

Despite the interests of the state and community are meant to be united, in some cases, citizens worry that state activity contradicts their interests in any particular field. Let us take a look at the industrialization of the rural places in China. On the one hand, the government creates new job places and acts on the economic interest of citizens. Nevertheless, local population complains about the  amount of pollution which is excessive and highly toxic. In this case, we have a clear contradiction of the public interest in healthcare. The same can be said about the construction of nuclear power stations. On the one hand, governments reduce the number of pollution from combustion of fossil fuels. On the other hand, local population does not feel quite safe in such surroundings being aware of nuclear disasters which took place in Japan and Ukraine.

Correspondence of state interest and public orders is usually a problem because citizens do not think that actions of their government are targeted at their well-being. Many countries still have highly corrupted officials who undermine the trust of the community.

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