Programs encouraging students to participate more in sports essay sample


Every parent and teacher knows how important it is to encourage children to participate in sports. This need is especially urgent today, in the digital age. Physicians claim that an hour of physical activity every day can compensate hours of sitting in the campuses. Fortunately, educators do not ignore a child’s need in sports and help their parents to make a choice and enroll their children in sports sections or clubs.

Programs which stimulate students’ involvement in sports are developed both on the local and federal level. In the first place, these are programs that encourage students with financial bonuses. The federal government and non-profit organizations issue funds for young athletes all over the US. The National Collegial Athletic Association, for example, annually provides grants and scholarships for student athletes. Then there are sports programs for children with disabilities, supported either by governments or by healthcare establishments. And last, many schools and colleges take care that physical training was one of an essential subjects of their curriculum and encourage students participation in extra-curricular sporting events.

It is important that mass media also takes part in the popularization of sports. Enlightening of such fascinating sporting events as the Olympic Games or World Cups ingrains the idea that going in for sports is a popular and respectful leisure time activity. It is a serious hobby which can grow up into the sporting career if a student works hard and does not give up in front of difficulties. Sports stars influence the youth as well and encourage them sticking to the healthy way of life. Even glossy magazines which make a great impact on the teenagers are filled with images of muscular athletic-looking males and slender fit females.

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