Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace Through Sports Psychology essay sample

Some occupations are more stressful, the other are less, but we cannot deny that every job has its own specific difficulties. They all are investigated by workplace psychology, the science which highlights major stressors and provides approaches to cope with them. However, there are more psychological sciences which do not seem to be associated with the workplace and which can give a good understanding of the solutions to cope with stress. Take sports psychology, for example.

The brunch is specifically designed to research and solve psychological issues emerging in sports. Clearly, sportsmen have a huge physical pressure in the first place, and their ability to keep fit and further show a good performance is crucial. But the mental pressure in sports sometimes prevails over the pain in muscles. In the conditions of severe competition, sportsmen may be frequently at odds with their coach. High expectations along with intense training can make these people desperate on their way to professional success. The same, perhaps, can be said about ordinary office clerks.

Sports psychology provides a perfect motivation which can perfectly help to the workers of non-sporting professions. Interaction with colleagues and managers, coping with the time pressure,  withstanding competitors, finding opportunities for training and self-development – all these challenges occur in sports as well as in any business environment. Sportsmen know as nobody else about the necessity of “waking up” their hidden potential which will help them to be more resistant and efficient. Sports psychology reveals surprising facts which can help workers in most occupations.

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