Pros and cons of procrastination in the creative process essay sample

Even though procrastination is usually viewed as a bad thing, there are several great advantages as well. In order to cover this issue properly, one needs to consider both pros and cons of procrastination.

Let’s begin with the reasons why it is bad to procrastinate. The first aspect is that your customers may be unhappy when you procrastinate instead of doing your work and meeting deadlines. When you do everything last minute, there is no time left to check whether everything is done properly. What is more, you will not have an opportunity to correct your mistakes as well.

Speaking about the advantages, one should begin with the fact that putting a task off actually gives you more time to mull it over. When you do something else, you might come up with some brilliant idea. In addition, lots of great ideas arise in those situations when people are required to think fast. What it means is that working under extreme circumstances can actually turn out to be really beneficial for you. Want to learn more? Feel free to go to …