Relationship between a teacher and a student essay sample

There is a lot to dwell upon when the subject in question is such issue as the relationship between a teacher and a student.

To begin with, such relationship should be quite friendly but not too informal, obviously. What is more, one should also keep in mind that there should be the line in relationship between a teacher and a student.

Yet, it is absolutely appropriate to have a teacher who is also friend. What is means is that they are going to give you a lot of great pieces of advice as well as assist you in coping with the tasks in the best way possible. In such a way, you will be sure that your teacher wants you to succeed as well as knows how to help you do that. Apart from that, being able to stay on friendly terms with your teacher or teachers is a great sign that you are good at maintaining relationships with other people. In order to read more on the issue under consideration, feel free to proceed to …