Relationship Between Race and Educational Levels essay sample


Belonging to a certain social class is always predetermined by the level of education. Employers who offer high wages for their jobs like to ask whether their applicants attended private high schools or graduated from classy universities. Surely, skills and abilities are crucial,  but diplomas from famous educational establishments always matter. Caucasian people who control a large part of the national assets will inevitably provide the best education possible to their kids. And racial minorities are the least likely to go with a top college degree. However, there is a long way to go before entering a college, and rather few minority students can accomplish it.

There is a broad access to public primary and secondary schools where most middle-to-low class minority students study. The choice of the establishment depends on the family income but, in general, all children have chances to graduate from high school. But psychologically, children of color frequently take it hard to study. Many of them face bullying. Other students frequently laugh at immigrants, humiliate them or simply exclude minority kids from their group. Besides, students who immigrated recently may have a poor command of English which makes their task even more complicated. Another common activity of minority children is forming cliques. In the poorest districts, such youngsters have very low academic progress as they are mostly occupied with petty crimes.

According to the national survey, African-American and Hispanic students have 50 percent dropout rate which is quite unsatisfactory for the American society. Asian Americans, on the other hand, frequently perform better than Caucasians. Due to the low graduation rate rather few students of color are eligible to enter universities.

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