Reporting mistreatment of companies lying to consumers essay sample


Undoubtedly, every advertising campaign is some sort of lie to lure more customers into buying their product. We all understand what the purpose of an ad is. However, there are certain boundaries which should never be crossed no matter what. That is the reason why it is so important to report mistreatment of companies that lie to their customers right away.

The thing is that sometimes the quality of the product does not correspond to what has been originally promised. Yet, companies somehow always manage to get away with that which is totally wrong. When a company manufactures a certain product, they have both legal and moral obligations. Thus, they are supposed to deliver quality products. Otherwise, they are going to be responsible for consequences. Luckily, more and more people nowadays want to defend their rights which is the reason why it has become easier to fight mistreatment of companies that are constantly lying to their customers or are providing them with goods of lower quality. Consumers should get quality products they have paid for.

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