Response to Colleen Wenke’s essay “too much pressure” about cheating in school essay sample

Colleen Wenke’s essay called “Too Much Pressure” emphasizes the fact that students at colleges have started to cheat more frequently. Therefore, it has become a rising problem within the educational system.

The author suggests that one of the main reasons why cheating has become such a huge issue these days is because of the high levels of stress and pressure which students are exposed to. A degree is required in case one wants to get a well-paid job but the competition at colleges and universities is high as well. In such a way, lots of students simply have to resort to cheating so that not to drop out.  

Even though students really are under a lot of pressure at colleges and universities, the arguments which Colleen Wenke enumerates are rather weak, to say nothing of the fact that her suggestions regarding possible solutions to the problem are not convincing in any way. Yet, what the author does well is trying to show the reader what cheating looks like from the perspective of a student. In such a way, she manages to explain to the reader why students cheat. However, the author should have gone more into detail regarding the possible consequences of cheating for a student.

Taking everything into account, Colleen Wenke dwells upon a very serious issue in her essay “Too Much Pressure”. However, the arguments which she provides do not sound very convincing. Apart from that, the solutions that she offers are not likely going to work in order to solve the issue in question. The problem with cheating is much deeper and requires a more thorough approach.

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