Role of international business and organization essay sample

International commercial organizations pursue rather global goals. Such prominent structures like the World Trade Organization, the International Chamber of Commerce, and Council of Europe develop solutions for the most urgent issues and contribute to the global economy in general. They gather and share ideas and interact with the leaders of industries and governments to push the global entrepreneurship forwards.

International organizations first appeared in the nineteenth century in Europe. They were international unions which facilitated the collaboration between governments in solving social, economic, and technical problems which appeared with the recent industrialization. By the end of World War I, the League of Nations and the International Labor Organization were established. They acted as the first multipurpose organizations which combined separate elements of organizational development. Today, companies like the UN and the ILO perform supervisory functions.

An important function of international organizations is concluding bilateral and multilateral agreements between member states. Trade agreements and international business policies bind countries and lead the way to a better export. It is crucial that conditions of the world trade benefited to the countries which participate in it and increased their potential at the international market. Not only trade but also such humanitarian issues as environment protection and observance of human rights are regulated by international agreements.

Exchange of the experience and information between member states of international organizations is no less important for global development. Some businesses continue to invest in the developing world alongside with the international non-governmental organizations which do their best to improve living standard in the third world countries.

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