Sexual harassment essay sample

Sexual harassment is a request for sexual favors which will be a reward for something that one person has asked another person of. Obviously, it is illegal, inappropriate and unwelcome. Sadly, it is common practice for workplaces, especially on those situations when one is applying for a job. You are promised to get a job in exchange for sexual favors.

Among the variety of circumstances under which sexual harassment can occur are the following: the victim can be a man or a woman; the victim may be of the same sex; the harasser can be the victim’s employer, co-worker, supervisor or even a non-employee; the harasser’s conduct has to be unwelcome.

Sexual harassment can also be of verbal nature which includes offensive comments that make hostile and uncomfortable work environment. Obviously, the best way to deal with sexual harassment is to prevent it. Various meetings and seminars seem to be quite useful in this respect. However, it does not always as effective as we all want it to be. In order to find out more about the nature of sexual harassment as well as the right way to deal with, do not hesitate to go to …