Should English remain the international language (lingua franca) for business? essay sample


English is the language of popular music, Hollywood industry, travel, and commerce all around the world. It is very convenient to businesses in America and other English-speaking countries. The language, however, takes the third place in the world taking the number of speakers. The biggest part of the world community speak Mandarin, and Spanish-speaking population goes next. Business people from these groups propose that the international language for business shall be changed so that it represented the majority of businesses and their customers. Nevertheless, neither Mandarin nor Spanish speakers have a great connection to the global power, which makes English speaking community reluctant to learn their language.

According to statistical data, in the next 5 years, nearly 2 billion people all over the world will be studying English as it appears to be one of the basic skills for employees regardless of their occupation. Such a benefit for English-speaking countries has turned into their reluctance to learn the second language. While more than a half of European Union citizens can speak the second language, only 10 percent of Americans can do the same. Whether English will remain the international language of business or not, the management is quite welcome to learn more languages. Localization is important for all consumers, and businesses would like to make the deeper connection with the target markets.