Social anxiety essay sample

As you have already understood, social anxiety disorder presupposes that the person is afraid of social situations. People who suffer from it are likely to avoid communication in public as they are worried that they will be closely watched or even judged.

To be more specific, a person who has social anxiety disorder is afraid that they are going to make mistakes in public or that they will embarrass themselves. What is more, they also fear that they will be humiliated in front of others. What is also necessary to highlight is that social anxiety may turn into a panic attack which is even worse as the person will be unable to control their emotions.

Here are the most common symptoms which indicate that the person has social anxiety disorder: intense anxiety when the person has to deal with social situations;  regular avoidance of those situations; increased heart beat; sweating; blushing, shaking, muscle tension or even diarrhea. In order to learn more about other important details regarding the issue in question, feel free to visit …