Social media marketing essay sample


Lately, businesses sufficiently improved customers experience and they did it with social media marketing. We can hardly find a company that does not use social media to promote themselves because the websites like Facebook or YouTube have the greatest concentration of the existing and potential customers. Some social media allow to achieve practically every marketing target of a company – create awareness, advertise, sell goods, collect reviews, create random lottery etc. At the same time, they can directly reach their followers in the newsfeed and advertise precisely to their target group.

Every business uses social media marketing, and for each of them it is different. Depending on what the business does and what their purpose is, companies invest in different social media websites. Facebook is common for most of them because it is extremely comprehensive and provides many functions for entrepreneurs. Instagram and Pinterest are suitable for sharing pictures, gifs, and simple graphic content. Twitter works best with pictures, links, and short comments. This is the network for opinion leaders who have plenty of followers. YouTube is inevitable for most companies as it allows to share video content where most people will easily find it. LinkedIn is the platform for articles related to one’s professional activity. It also works great with businesses.

The key skill of a social media marketer is to post the right material at the right moment on the right social media website. Companies try to follow their customers in their biorhythms and interests to post only what is relevant to them. Some businesses can actually do with few other marketing options but social media as it allows to fully cover their target audience.