Social movements and their outcomes essay sample



Each society usually responds to the policies and norms implemented from above. Due to the long social hierarchy which has formed in developed countries by this time, social movements are the major tools for people to express their opinion and bring their message to the authorities. There are various types of social movements; they can be peaceful or violent, radical or mild, innovative or conservative movements. They can end up with success or failure, but irrespective of incomes, they usually drag changes in the mainstream culture or deviations in policy.

Social movements do not emerge merely for getting their objectives fulfilled. Certainly, people in political demonstrations or strikes have solid demands and need them to be implemented immediately, otherwise, demonstrators destroy private property, for example. But there are other social movements which try to drag popular attention to various problematic issues. Events such as pride parades call to the tolerance and understanding, and marches of individuals in the traditional clothing are carried out to show the identity of ethnic groups, usually minorities.

Social movements play an important role in the life of societies as they ensure manifestation which calls for interaction between various groups of people. Be it officials and working class or indigenous population and ethnic minorities, they all need to co-exist in mutual understanding. If such understanding is achieved, then social movements work effectively.

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