Societal Awareness of Environmental Problems essay sample



Among various ideologies and social movements, environmentalism has recently taken a prominent place as the tool to influence the awareness of society about the emerging environmental concerns. Drawing a link between human and non-human benefits, advocates of environment try to involve more individuals into this movement which does not refer merely to the balance between consuming and spending. Promotion of land and environmental ethics comes along with pushing legal acts aimed at preservation, restoration, and improvement of the existing environmental conditions.

Protection of the environment raised the concerns of scientists yet in the early middle ages. In Europe, King Edward I of England banned the use of sea-coal as its popularity visibly reduced the quality of life. The Middle East practices of environmental preservation are even more ancient as they date back to the ninth century. Much later, after the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century began, Britain was the first to implement legislation on the reduction of toxic air pollution. In 1869, the first wildlife conservation law in the world appeared due to the activity of British zoologists.

The twenty-first century made environmentalism even more urgent movement as traditional issues industrial pollution and poaching were complicated with global warming and overpopulation. After some recession in social participation to combat the environmental pollution which took place at the  early 2000s, the broad community is interested in environmentalism again. Thanks to educational measures and the activity of mass media, society pays more attention to the environmental policies issued in their region.

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