Spoken language processing essay sample

A speech-based interaction between humans and machines has been a fiction once. Today however, it is a rapidly developing field of computing technology related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The mechanism behind comprehending human speech is very complex, both in technology and neuroscience. Over the last 50 years, a sufficient achievement has been done in creating the speech recognition software. Today people can already control their devices or give commands by voice.

Machines that can communicate vocally have long been a dream of scientists. By today, they have developed an automated speech recognition and keep working on a spoken language dialogue system. Automatic speech recognition takes a speech signal on the input and converts it into the digital information. Such a technology gives the advantage of hands-free use, which is especially attractive to users performing multiple tasks at a time. Automatic speech recognition is the most advanced development of spoken language technology so far.

Human language technology is of a great interest to developers of artificial intelligence. The branch of computational linguistics has been created in engineering for designing software that knows human language. The future of language technology lies in simulation of human language. We hope to see smart robots interacting with humans in our own language.

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