Status symbols of today’s society essay sample

Well, it is not a secret to anyone that a lot of people are trying to show their social status with the help of various things and belongings. Perhaps, you have noticed that such people quite often buy expensive cars or houses trying to show how much they have achieved. Speaking about young people, a lot of them are convinced that the newest phone model or expensive clothes are the symbols of status in today’s society.

Yet, it is also important to highlight that young people are actually the ones who are less likely to care about various status symbols. When it comes to searching for a job, for instance, young people will pay more attention to the nature of the job rather than the pay. In such a way, most of them will not accept a well-paid position when they are not passionate about the tasks which they will be required to do. What it all boils down to is that soon enough we will not care about various status symbols and be more concentrated on the personality of the person.