Study on leadership dysfunctions essay sample

Dysfunctional leadership has become almost a norm for numerous corporations as people in power constantly face new duties. To understand which practices can be observed as dysfunctional it is necessary to determine essential features of a leader. A leader is the person in power who works hard and has clear and legitimate goals, responsibility, and trust. Besides, leaders have to possess an ability to inspire their followers and make people work better. At first sight, most contemporary leaders possess these qualities but having a closer look at the corporations we may reveal that leaders have no time to perform everything they have to be involved into.

Dysfunctional leadership creates an infertile ground for performance. To perform in case of leaders means to make sure that people in power pay attention to the whole range of their duties. Frequently, leaders appear to be just risk managers at their company despite the fact of having yet other responsibilities. Sometimes dysfunctional leaders lose touch with the reality of their organizations. Psychological pressure and exhaustion may deprive leaders of the essential vision of the future for their company. Leaders fail to perform when the process becomes more important than people, theoretical issues stand prior to practical collaboration, or when individual thinking is suppressed by conformity.

In general, corporate success depends on numerous external and internal factors. Dysfunctional leadership, even if it actually takes place, cannot take the blame for unfavorable conditions at the market or a sudden breakthrough of the competitors. Nevertheless, when leaders physically have no time to perform properly it means that the corporate system needs some reforms which can make leaders’ job a humane-friendly business.