Suicide prevention essay sample

To begin with, it is important to single out the categories that are at risk of committing suicide. Here are those categories: people who have experienced or still experience depression, mental illnesses or substance abuse disorder; people with family history of suicide; people with family history of mental disorders or violence; prior suicide attempt; victims of sexual or physical abuse and people who have being exposed to suicidal behavior of others.

What is important to keep in mind is that people who attempt suicide think and make decisions differently. Apart from that, it is significant to take into account both long-term factors as well as more immediate factors when one is trying to detect those people who are at risk. To specify, such factors as the childhood of a person as well as recent life events are equally important. Researchers suggest that genes might have something to do with potential suicide attempts. In other words, there is a belief that genes can increase risk of committing suicide or make someone more resilient to the hardships of life.