Sustainable development essay sample


The term “sustainability” is commonly used to describe human practices that do not pose a threat to functions of the nature. Sustainable development is frequently opposed to industrial development that puts profit over possible risks to natural resources. Nevertheless, sustainability is not always tied to environmental protection. It is also used to describe relations between other sectors of human activity that shall contribute to each other. For example, the relations between communities and businesses can only be successful if each party treats the other side with respect.

Coming back to environmental issues, sustainable development is concentrated around the “three R’s” principle. Industries and individuals that seek a sustainable development shall reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources as well as reuse and recycle man-made substances that slow down the recovery of natural resources. Therefore, major goals of sustainability are the responsible usage of natural resources and efficient recycling of human-made wastes. But they are not the only concerns of environmentalists.

The course of sustainable development is predetermined by the level of overall progress of countries. Industrialized and developing nations strive to different objectives within sustainable development. Some of them struggle for an access to clean water and basic sanitation, while the others need to produce more renewable energy for their sophisticated industries.

The issue of sustainable development became so popular because irresponsible consumption and production has done a great harm to population and ecosystems. Industrialization and consumerism greatly promoted businesses, however, social and environmental sectors suffered immensely from this lop-sided development.