The aspect of space exploration essay sample


Exploration of space has always been a fascinating and challenging task. The better human civilization develops, the more we want to know about the origin and processes which are currently taking place in our global environment – the universe. Up to this point, astronomic discoveries brought us a plenty of evidence that the universe is much more complicated than we can imagine.

The recent reports from NASA and other space agencies do not leave the readers bored. Lately, astronomers discovered that the universe looks the same in every direction. Its objects may look different according to the standpoint of the observer, nevertheless, there are neither preferable positions nor preferable directions in the universe. This evidence emerged out of the space maps which were created with the help of the Planck satellite.

Using the latest data obtained with Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers suggest that the universe is expanding faster than expected. Today there is no doubt in the existence of dark energy which pulls galaxies aside. The speed of expansion makes astronomers assume that Einstein’s theory is incomplete.

Black holes are another interesting phenomena discovered by the astronomers. Recently, scientists started to identify stars devoured by black holes from a distinct tidal disruption flare. On its way to the black hole, stars emit the infrared-light echoes which destroy any dust on their way. Observing these echoes, astronomers can conduct how much energy was released in the destruction of a star.