The effect of Facebook on the way we socialize essay sample

There is no doubt that social networks have great influence on the way we socialize. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks which millions of people use all over the world. Surely, the way in which we use it has also shaped the way we communicate with each other as well.

To be more specific, we no longer meet in real life as often as we used to. We simply chat which seems to be enough in order to communicate with our friends and acquaintances.

Yet, fast development of social media does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing. Besides, there are beneficial effects of such active usage of Facebook. The thing is that you can easily find someone to go to a specific event with when none of your friends are willing to come. In such a way, it has also become simpler to make new friends depending on your interests. Probably, you have realized yourself that Facebook is slightly changing the way we communicate. In order to read more, feel free to proceed to …