The influence of the technological progress on social and cultural isolation of modern people essay sample

According to reports of psychologists, Americans became more socially isolated since 1985. As modern technologies developed, people gradually narrowed their social environment. Today, we are no more accustomed to having a small chat with neighbors or visiting distant relatives occasionally. We also have more excuses not to go for a party with colleagues or spend an evening with old friends. Technology contributed to general loneliness and social phobia, which invaded more Americans these days.

Gadgets and opportunities can isolate us from peers in different ways. First, they attract more our attention to the issues that are not so important. Playing games online, we lose track of time trying to relax and change activities. Next, social networks make people separated by hundreds of miles feel that they are closer to each other. Rather few of them will think of visiting a cousin who is constantly online too. As long as people surround themselves with the networks, others will find it easier just to send a message. In addition, technologies discourage us from making additional efforts to organize our leisure time. Why should we go to the theater if we can stay at home and comfortably watch a movie on DVD?

Surprisingly, advanced technologies have made us more busy. With a steady access to the internet, business has trespassed into our private space and made us forget everything we have been doing before. People get used to sacrificing their hobbies and doing more job on weekends. Bosses and customers induce employees to do additional tasks outside office, and the latter not plan any social engagements expecting to work in their free time.