The replacement of newspapers by electronic media essay sample

Perhaps, you have noticed that the era of newspapers tends to slightly fall into decay. The thing is that most of those newspapers already have websites which presupposes that people are going to read the news on the internet rather than buy a newspaper.

Apart from that, we live in the digital era which means that the majority of people on the planet have access to the internet on at least one device. Even if one is supposed to pay a subscription fee in order to get a newspaper or a magazine, one will most likely get a digital version on their device rather than a printed one.

Yet, newspapers are still read by people which means that they continue to exist and to be printed. Well, what one should take into account is that the newspaper is the most useful source of news in those regions where the internet is not popular. In order to familiarize yourself with exact facts regarding the subject in question as well as some statistic data, feel free to proceed to …