The School Should Make Free Tutoring Available essay sample

Free tutoring is available to some categories of children under the federal No Child Left Behind law. Districts are usually required to notify parents if their children are eligible for free tutoring, but often parents need to do research on the school policies themselves. Children qualified for free tutors usually get a reduced-price lunch and are categorized as being “in need of improvement” for two years in a row. The income of the families is also taken into account.

Parents of the kids who struggle to achieve academic success always think about searching tutors. But what about children who are not eligible for free tutoring under the law? Perhaps, schools shall consider the possibility of free tutoring not only in case of an obvious failure to perform. If a student has more or less satisfactory grades but can do much better with a tutor, schools have to provide tutors. If a family cannot allow a tutor because of the low income, schools have to pay for this tutor. Therefore No Child Left Behind law has loopholes which allow schools to avoid free tutors.

The K-12 system of schooling usually lacks an individual approach to students. It is clear as there are numerous kids and a limited number of teachers. But tutors are the only hope of parents who wish that their kids graduate with flying colors and go to college. It would be most fortunate for families which cannot pay for tutors to be eligible for such services for free. After all, education is not the area for the federal government to ignore.

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