Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram: Who Uses Each and Why? essay sample



For the last decade, quite a broad variety of social media websites started to compete for their users. Although Facebook with its 1,5 billion users has outrun the competitors, Twitter and Instagram are the next social networks with the biggest number of users. In fact, these websites serve different purposes, however, they all have a lot in common. All three of them are informative and entertaining; active users run business and check recent news there.

Facebook is so much attractive to its users because it is comprehensive. While Instagram is an image-oriented platform and Tweeter allows to post very short tweets, Facebook gives more to the online community. It is a place to chat, enroll in activities, join communities, establish one’s own movement and gain fans. File storage is included so that practically Facebook can substitute several more narrow-targeted social networks. Users of all ages find it useful, including people of a middle-age and senior community.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network which is especially interesting for young people. Though the number of American adults using Instagram doubled for the last three year, more than a half of the users are teens and young adults. Earlier, the majority of users was female, but today male users make up nearly a half of the Instagram community.

Twitter has somehow lost its popularity due to the broad use of Instagram, however, it still remains the most popular network for sharing the news. Both younger and older adults use it to keep pace with real-time events. Twitter users are more well-educated and affluent than the users of others social networks and they are racially diverse as Caucasians, Africans, and Hispanics are equally presented on the network.

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