Understanding the psychology of homophobes essay sample



The fact that many people still have strictly negative attitudes to the LGBT groups is undeniable. Sexual minorities are more likely to experience humiliation and threat from the individuals with radical views. The mass shooting which happened in Orlando, Florida, confirms that sexual minorities are still in danger of haters’ attacks.

By this time, psychologists have drawn a number of reasons which contribute to homophobia. From cultural background to education, environmental factors influence the formation of homophobic attitudes in people. Researchers even suspect that homophobes are latent homosexuals themselves who suppress their sexual drives in an explicit Freudian manner.

Historically, homosexual individuals were accused of lechery and denied by many societies; legislation in some of them even provided capital punishment for people of improper sexual orientation. And though today same-sex marriages are legal and policies like “Don’t Ask don’t Tell” do not exist anymore, a radical perception of sexual minorities passed on in generations.

The theory that homophobes are actually homosexuals is correct, however, only to some extent. Some gays and lesbians indeed develop the phobia as they feel attraction to people of the same sex. Nevertheless, a large number of LGBT haters are heterosexual and really feel disgusted for the mere existence of homosexual individuals. Therefore, being homosexual is a rare reason for developing homophobia.

Social ad cultural background influences homophobia much stronger than other factors. Conservative individuals who believe that same-sex relationships are a true lechery will certainly make sure that their kids have “correct” views on gender issues. The whole societies may be homophobic because tolerance to such issues is developing gradually alongside with the social progress. Consequently, people are homophobes because their environment taught them to be such.

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