Understanding the psychology of sex workers essay sample

Sex workers seem to be reckless people who are so much in need of fast money that they do not see another way out of the situation than to become a prostitute. In a survey conducted in Denmark, major respondents said that they chose this path while experiencing financial difficulties. However, a certain part of prostitutes admitted that sexual curiosity and desire to fulfill their own sexual “self” was a drive to start working in the escort business. Having been abused as a child, women are more likely to become prostitutes in the future, however, not necessarily all abused girls follow this tendency.

According to the conducted survey, 85 percent of prostitutes chose this job because of money. Apparently, these people cannot earn enough money to pay for housing and raise children. Women tell different stories about how they appeared so close to the bottom of society. Being left without any family to support them, badly divorced, or addicted to drugs, women watched themselves running in leaps and bounds down to the poverty line.

Psychologists claim that sex workers are extremely prone to developing mental illnesses being abused by clients in their occupation. Prostitutes frequently regret decisions made in the past themselves. While some of them stay addicted to fast and easy money, the others wish to quit, get a university degree, and find a more deserving job. Due to the specifics of their business, sex workers feel excluded from participating in social life and building romantic relationships. Society usually takes it as a signal that prostitutes need help to change their way of life.