Victimology: a study of crime essay sample

‘Victimology: a study of crime victims and their roles’ is a book by Judith M. Sgarzi and Jack McDevitt. It dwells upon the horrible experience which victims of crime have to go through and sheds light on this issue in general.

One of the main reasons why this book has been written was to raise awareness regarding the subject under consideration as well as to provide victims with the voice to dwell upon all those horrible experiences which they had to go through. The thing is that we live in a society in which victims are typically the ones to blame and it has become a huge problem nowadays. To specify, a lot of victims of crime are afraid to speak up because of the fact that most people will blame them anyway. This book was written in order to change that perception.

The book provides readers with a broad perspective of the experience which victims go through. What is more, this piece of writing also contains tons of useful information regarding the nature of crimes as well as lots of those experiences which victims of crime have to deal with. In addition, the book also emphasizes importance of the policies and support programs that exist in order to help victims of crime deal with those horrific events.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘Victimology: a study of crime victims and their roles’ presents a realistic approach to the process of understanding what victims of crime have to go through. What is more, the book also offers a number of coping mechanisms which victims of crime use in order to deal with the experience as well as come to terms with what has happened to them.