Virtual reality: Escapism has never been easier



While the actual virtual reality is at the stage of development yet, its basic prototype is available now by means of video games and the internet. Companies like Google, Sony, Samsung and many others promise that their headsets, glasses, and lenses enriched with sensors will be able to create just any type of virtual reality which will be seen and heard to the users. Many people will treat virtual reality as a perfect way to escape from their daily routine and experience incredible adventures. On the other hand, such escapism may damage their ability to socialize and live in the real life.

Even today, when the virtual reality has not yet appeared in every house, psychologists foresee its major drawbacks. Escaping from daily troubles may become easy but coming back to the real life will be extremely difficult. Individuals who do not see any attraction in the real life are likely to develop a strong addiction to the virtual reality. It will resemble addiction on video games and, perhaps, will become even fiercer.

On the other hand, perspectives provided by virtual reality startups are not only linked to the fascinating opportunities unachievable in the real world. They represent a great technological step forward which was a mere fiction only a few decades ago. The reality is devoid of any limits in the digital age – this is the message all developers of virtual reality glasses and headsets transmit to their consumers.


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