What are the drastic measures needed to prevent melting of glacial ice? essay sample


Melting of the Antarctic ice is the major contributor to the rise of the sea level. Greenhouse effect has significantly increased in the last 50 years, which caused depletion of the ozone level and an overall rise of temperatures. An increased amount of solar radiation does not allow glaciers to accumulate new snow, and they melt as rapidly as never before. Although global warming is partially a result of natural processes, the human impact is undeniable. Apparently, it is up to humans to slow down the warming even if the process is irreversible.

Changing the carbon footprint we make on our ecosystems is a chance to preserve massive areas from flooding. Refusal from fossil fuels is the essential condition of the sustainable management. The majority of industries are currently based on burning carbon, which is why the ozone layer depletes as fast as never. Investing in renewable energy is a must for people who want to break dependence on fossil fuels. Today, governments and private sector find supporting green energy low-profitable; it is much easier to continue burning carbon and receiving a good income from this business. Nevertheless, the global community cannot continue this activity forever at least because natural resources will work out soon.

Searching for tools that can possibly slow down melting of glaciers, we face the necessity of taking collective actions anyway. Few people can neither ban burning fossil fuels nor provide an alternative fuel for all. Consequently, governments and private sector shall invest in green energy while consumers try to cut their demand.