What are the effects of colors on different mental states? essay sample


Color is an element which is believed to impact the status, well-being, and health of people in many cultures. Psychologists attribute various properties to colors which are further taken into account by people working in various businesses and industries. Due to the evidence that each color influences human perception and behavior in a certain way, smartly combined color schemes became inevitable components of implementing marketing strategies.

A long time ago, psychologists have concluded that the speed of neural processes changes if people look at certain colors for a long time. Thus, the color red became a symbol of energy, as it stimulated adrenal gland and neurons. A similar effect may be made by the color yellow. People placed in setting designed in yellow show higher mental activity during research. Blue, on the contrary, is believed to stimulate the production of hormones which make us feel relaxed. The Same calming effect may be created by green and white.

Interpretation of colors usually differs from one culture to another. In this respect, colors acquired certain social role as they serve to identify intentions of individuals within the framework of social interaction. For example, color may define propriety of clothing in certain cultures. Colors of flowers people give to their business or romantic partners are also treated symbolically according to the established social norms. But still, the colors among which we spend most of our time gradually affect our mood and spirits which define the quality of our life.