What causes stress? essay sample

We all experience stress. Some of us experience it more often. Others are lucky to have less stress in their life. However, what is important in this case is to single out the causes of stress and to do one’s best in order to have less stressful moments.

So, here are the main causes of stress: being unhappy or unappreciated at work; having huge workload; having a terrible boss; working under dangerous conditions; working long hours; death of a loved one; divorce; job loss; dropping out of college; emotional problems; health issues; financial problems; traumatic experience and lots of others.

What is more, one of the main causes of stress is worrying. People tend to worry about a lot of things, especially about those which they are unaware of. For instance, a lot of people cannot deal with the fear of the unknown, uncertainty and instability. Yet, our life is full of those moments and we cannot change that. We simply cannot know everything which is the reason why it is so important to accept this fact and move on.

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