What effect do non-profit organizations have on social problems? essay sample



Non-profit and non-governmental organizations are supposed to improve the reality for all living beings, on the large scale. Western countries have quite a variety of organizations which put the needs of vulnerable social groups and environment higher than the wealth of their corporations. Today, there are more social problems than solutions which makes it easier for non-profits to find an issue and work on it. However, researchers admit that organizations of this kind do not make a great success over the last years which possibly indicates to their downfall.

Most of us see non-profits as major catalysts for social change, nevertheless, there is a clear evidence that non-profit sector does not possess unrestricted abilities to provide this change. While World Food Program embraces knowledge, tools, and policies necessary to combat world hunger, food insecurity remains to be a critical issue even for developed countries. People believe that this and many other non-profits have solutions to the most urgent problems, but, in fact, non-profitable organizations lack tools to implement basic changes.

A better capacity of the non-profit organizations can be achieved by reforming the whole sector. Non-profit leaders shall learn more about selecting and implementation of new tools to construct an effective approach which will help to accomplish their mission. It is also important to move away from placing the needs of the organization above the needs of the clients. Another way for non-profits to make some progress is to reconsider their way of cooperating with donors. Today, donors are expecting more collaboration than charities are ready to provide.

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