What effect does a happy and fulfilling marriage have on a person’s health? essay sample



The fact that human health and emotional state are interrelated causes no doubt in psychologists and physicians. Emotional stability is a basic premise to cope with stress quickly and keep control over the interchange of chemicals in our body. Patients recover faster if they feel the support of their loved ones, and people suffering from chronic condition feel relief if they are constantly taken care by their sweethearts.

Happily married spouses age slowly and experience less discomfort when they are on the wrong side of fifty. Men and women both experience sufficient discomfort when the body does not produce as much hormones as in the young age. According to the polls conducted among senior citizens, those who experience a mild physical discomfort claim to have lived happily with their spouses.

In a strong and fulfilling marriage, people stay healthier for a number of reasons. First, they feel safer facing financial and social challenges which helps them to avoid redundant anxiety. It is always easier to take care of the household if spouses have a perfect mutual understanding. Therefore, spouses are prepared to the emerging difficulties and ready to help each other. Which is more, happily married people had rather high annual household income.

Psychologists admit that fulfilling marriages actually reduce the amount of negative stress experienced by the spouses. People who do not suffer from mood swings have a stronger immune system which can combat viruses and infections quicker. Moreover, physicians proved the positive effect of personal happiness upon the cardiovascular system. Elderly people who consider that their family brings them happiness and comfort, start suffering from heart conditions much later than their not so happy peers.

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