What is social drinking? essay sample

To put it simply, social drinking is the process of drinking alcohol when you are hanging out with your friends. The problem is that what you consider to be a social habit might actually become an addiction. The thing is that you usually do not notice how much you drink. Apart from that, it quickly becomes a habit to go out for a drink every other night. What you usually do not pay attention to is how often you go out as well as how many drinks you have.

Yet, social drinking is a great way to relax, unwind and get together with your friends. Apart from that, eating or drinking is an inevitable element of any social gathering. What is more, it is quite often the reason why people decide to get together and catch up. Sometimes they need a reason to do that and going our for drinks seems like a perfectly reasonable idea. You will meet your friends, chat and have a great time which is exactly what the majority of people is looking for.

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