What is the future of the internet? essay sample

The first thing which is important to highlight regarding the subject under consideration is that it is quite hard to predict what is going to happen as everything is changing really fast in the field of technology and the internet is not an exception, obviously.

So, here are a few ideas regarding what the future of the internet might look like. To begin with, the internet will be available in every part of the world which will make it easier to work and to establish positive and useful relationships. What is more, people will become more aware of what they share online as well as what big data is and how it can be used. Augmented reality devices will be used on the daily basis. Education on the internet will become a common thing which presupposes that there will be no need to spend money on maintaining so many buildings. Instead, more money will be spent on enabling every person to get easy access to online education. What is more, there is a belief that internet trolling will die out together will all forms of internet abuse.

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