What is urban farming? essay sample


To begin with, it is important to define what the term ‘urban farming’ stands for. It is the practice of growing food in a city or a heavily populated area. What is important to highlight in this respect is that products which are the results of urban farming are most definitely going to be sold. Thus, it is done not only for the benefit of the person who has decided to have a small piece of soil in order to grow food. Urban farming can be financially beneficial for the city. Besides, there will be no need to pay huge transportation costs.

What is also important to highlight is that you do not have to be a corporation in order to start urban farming. You can simply be an individual who is interested in this issue as well as possess a large tract of land. Urban farming becomes more and more popular nowadays. Apart from that, one should also take into consideration the fact that the population of the planet is growing which is why we need to find solutions to solve the hunger issue.

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