Which Companies Supply Food to the US? essay sample

Looking into our supermarket trolley, we clearly realize that multinational corporations have left no chance for the local farmers to thrive. Even if we do not take into account snacks and other processed food, practically all products we buy at the supermarket are supplied by big food industry giants. These companies and their subsidiaries manufacture nearly 80 percent of what Americans consume every day as well as products for export.

PepsiCo is one of the major food suppliers in the US which annual profits make up more than 40 billion dollars. The company owns several famous manufacturers of beverages and snacks as well as companies which specialize in wholesome food. Dole Food Company is the biggest fruit and vegetable producer not only in America but worldwide. It has plantations in Central and South America and in the Philippines.  Minnesota’s General Mills, another food conglomerate, has engaged in manufacturing natural and organic food without gluten, soy, and dairy. Nestle is the largest manufacturer of the packaged food. This company owns the largest part of the American food export. Kraft Foods company is currently ranked as the biggest food supplier in the US.

More and more people pay attention to what they eat. It is very common to see someone at the supermarket thoroughly examining identical packages on the shelves. Apparently, food of the same price manufactured by various multinational corporations does not much differ inside as well. Food supplied by local farmers, on the other hand, has much more chances to be organic. Nevertheless, it is always better to check on what and from whom we buy ourselves.

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