Why One Needs Medical Insurance essay sample


Most Americans do not really question the fact that health insurance is an essential thing. However, medical insurance is not always accessible to Americans. Taking into account the rate of unemployment, it becomes clear why so many people have no access to the healthcare.

People who do not purchase health insurance take a huge risk. A short stay at a hospital can cost quite a fortune, especially for low-income individuals. They decide not to purchase a costly insurance and hope that nothing serious will happen to them. But unfortunately, critical times may come to everybody. Medical insurance is a protection from unpredictable, unexpected, and totally uncontrollable events that occur in everyday life.

People without medical insurance struggle to cope even with minor diseases. The insurance provides a coverage for preventive and primary care. It usually includes annual checkups that help to reveal conditions at the early stages. Consequently, patients recover faster and they do not neglect their health to the emergency state. Insurance policies are really comprehensive as they also include ambulatory and emergency care, maternity and newborn care, pediatric care, rehabilitation services and other opportunities to recover.

As we can see, medical insurance is not a waste of money. Although the cost makes people treat healthcare like a luxurious service, it is a necessity. If we count the total cost of the services mentioned above, we will find that it greatly exceeds the cost of insurance we pay for. Besides, medical insurance is required by the Affordable Care Act which means that uninsured people have to pay fines. Today it is possible to find a low-cost medical insurance which will save both health and money.

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