Why self help books cannot help and are cheap and short-term fixes, rather than a long-term solution essay sample



Self-help books make up their own genre and take a separate shelf in the bookstores. Perhaps, each of us at least once got themselves caught staring at the displays, attracted by promising slogans which offer hardly attainable things. Self-help books are attached to a crisis of every kind, from individual health issues to the global economic recession. When most writers experience crisis, self-help literature makers may thrive. They seem to provide a solution to any of these problems, and readers dedicate a lot of time to reading and following the recommendations.

The actual efficacy of self-help literature is rather uncertain. Its adherents claim that books saved their lives from the total ruination and showed a path to happiness and prosperity. The others say that “self-help” is a useless reading so that the trees have been cut in vain. In fact, it is hardly possible to define whether these books are useful indeed. Advice provided in the books are generally correct but they do not work as simple as writers put it and as quick as readers want them to act. For some people, self-help literature does not work at all. They generally promote positive thinking, concentration on one’s goals, and other fundamental concepts which are useful to everyone.

The circulation of self-help books is enormous. A few people buy them as they are easily inspired by this sort of reading, but the greater readership hopes that a miracle will happen. It is important to hold in mind that self-help books never guarantee anything. Sometimes an appointment at a good therapist can be more useful than an uncertain reading.

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