Youth addiction to alcohol. Causes and concerns essay sample



The link between the youngsters and alcohol is as clear as the logical connection between the words   “lecture” and “student”. Usually, most young people consume at least alcohol (cigarettes and drugs may come along) sooner or later through their adolescence. Researchers define several reasons which enhance predisposition to drugs which normally occur in the life of every teenager.

The first factor which causes alcohol addiction at this age is a high emotional sensitivity of the individual who continually faces changes in their life. The transition from one school to another, communicating with new peers, bumping into barriers of social nonacceptance is quite challenging for young people. Moreover, youngsters treat alcohol as a means to persuade their friends in own “maturity”.

Inconsistencies in the parental relationships or misunderstandings with teachers force teenagers to search for a way to escape from the pressing reality. In this case, alcohol helps to relax and leave the anxious thoughts behind. Another factor which pushes youngsters to the alcohol abuse is being engaged in toxic relationships. Romantic partners have certain authority over one another, and if one of them is an addict they can persuade the other one to consume substances too.

Parents try to preserve as much influence over their children as possible to assure them that consumption of alcohol is really destructive. Nevertheless, not all of them succeed with this task on their own. Teachers try to keep up with the development of students as well – secondary school is a right place to make children aware of the health and social consequences of alcohol drinking.

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