A border fence will not solve the immigration problem essay sample

When the illegal migration is acute, constructing solid walls seems to be the only rescue from the flow of migrants. On the one hand, it is comparatively easy just to build a hurdle which will not allow people to leak through the borders unnoticed by the guards. But this way of solving problems has a hidden danger.

The practice of building walls is already common to some European countries. Greece built the fence on the border with Turkey in 2012. The flow of illegal migrants, however, increased, and a lot of refugees died while crossing the Aegean sea. The US experienced the effect of borders starting from the late twentieth century. The construction of the border between the US and Mexico was prescribed in the 1970 Boundary Treaty. Since then, thousands of Mexicans and Africans died in attempts to reach the US.

Construction of borders is not only ineffective; it is incredibly expensive. Millions of dollars are spent on the construction and other billions on patrolling. The longer the border, the bigger sums of money are spent on it. Illegal migrants who have already crossed the border have to stay in the US for a much longer time because it is difficult to come back to Mexico. People who try to escape in the US have little chances to do so; the border is reinforced in many places, and immigrants continue to die in search of a better life.

Some European countries still find the US – Mexico border as a model of tackling the illegal migration. Nevertheless, there are more effective ways to reduce immigrants such as sanctions for the employers who benefit from their presence, for example.