Cell phone use and texting cause lower levels of concentration and focus essay sample


Cell phones are usually blamed for numerous unpleasant occasions in our lives. Traffic accidents frequently happen as drivers cannot stop texting or pedestrians similarly pay no attention to the mundane reality outside the cell phone. Poor academic performance depends on the cell phones as well: students get easily distracted from the topic and do not listen to teachers.

Of course, cell phones often distract our attention when we are a part of the street traffic or engaged in a conversation with other people. Checking Facebook account or inbox at the wrong time will have unpleasant consequences. At the very least, our interlocutors may think that we are bored by the conversation, but causing a car accident is much worse. To avoid any damage it is important to memorize few simple rules about safe texting. Teenagers will find them especially useful, however,  middle-aged and elderly people shall be attentive as well.

First of all, it is important not to text, play games, read books or surf the network on the go. If there  is an urgent need to send a message being among other people and vehicles, it is necessary to move away from passers-by or transport and stop for a while. Texting on the go, we risk to be hit by others or we can stumble and fall. While driving a car, people have to put their cell phones away and avoid using them even in the headsets. Hands of the driver must be always free in case they need to react quickly. And of course, it would be better to give a rest for all chats while going out with peers. All people appreciate their friends for living in the real world and having fun together.