It is important to have equal representation of genders and races in political office essay sample



Apparently, women and racial minorities are underrepresented in the American politics. Both on the federal and local levels, female politicians and people of color are outnumbered by white males. Perhaps, this fact originates from the conservative tradition. For centuries, ruling and issuing legislation was an exceptionally male business. Today, men and women have equal rights and abilities which make it necessary to change the tradition.

Equal representation is essential because of the racial and gender diversity within the American society. Women make up a half of the US population, nevertheless, they take less than 20 percent of seats in the Congress. People of color are uncommon in the Congress as well as in the Supreme Court in spite of their vivid presence in all social classes of the multiracial society. Equal representation is the guarantee of protection for people of all races and genders, in the first place. How can we expect to end racial discrimination if people of color do not perform legislation? What is the way for women to overcome sexual assault if male judges do not intend to punish rapists?

Equal representation is important but professional skills shall not be overseen. Take affirmative actions policy for example. On the one hand, it provided people of color with higher education and job places. On the other hand, it discriminated more skilled white applicants purely because of their race. For this reason, implementation of quotas for the presence of women and minorities in the parliament is a tricky business: it may provide a realistic picture of the American society in the miniature, but it may deprive the country of more experienced and skillful officials.

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