Abortion: A heartless murder or a method of birth control? essay sample



The attitudes towards abortion sometimes look really striking to individuals with liberal views. A lot of people just cannot understand why the entire societies become obsessed with intruding into such a personal issue. The religious impact appeared to be gigantic, nevertheless, individuals in modern societies shall put bigger attention to their health and well-being.

Treating a fetus as a fully-fledged individual at the stage of active growth and development prevents  mothers from doing an abortion. It seems that terminating the life of a fetus equals killing a person. However, this person is fully dependent on their mother who has to take decisions for them both. And it is crucial for all mothers in the first place to decide whether abortion is necessary.

Childbirth is a serious issue which is always better to be planned. With a broad variety of contraceptives, women can stay in charge of their personal and family life. But in case their regular contraception fails, abortion on the early stages can be an optimal way out of undesirable pregnancy. As soon as women are informed about side effects of abortions, they have to be responsible for their decisions. Feeling the obligation to cut down the number of abortions, the society shall better take measures to prevent undesirable pregnancies instead of banning abortions.

Taking care of health and well-being of herself and her child, pregnant women shall have every right to do an abortion. If during the pregnancy a fetus appears to be damaged, termination is the only way out of the situation. It makes no sense to give birth to a child who is likely to die after the birth or who will be doomed to suffering.

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