Airline Issues essay sample

Planes are the most popular means of travel at the present moment. They are fast and comfortable; besides, airlines allow passengers to get to their destination without a transfer. The airline industry, however, is very complex; the proper functioning of international airlines depends on the broad range of factor which can be sudden and unpredictable. Breaking news about air crashes make people frightened about the perspective of flight, and possible delays may assure that are not as efficient as we are told. The companies have one crisis after another, and passengers can never be sure about how smooth their next flight will be.

According to the International Air Transport Association, only 6 percent of airline accidents had fatal consequences in 2015. That is an incredibly small figure as compared to the statistics of lethal traffic accidents. But still, planes are commonly associated with a much higher danger than cars. Another threat linked to airlines is international terrorism. Most airports around the world have advanced security teams which every now and then fail to work efficiently. The US department of Homeland Security tested the security systems of commercial airlines most of which were unable to identify fake bombs in the luggage and potential terrorists among the passengers.

Many airlines companies face cyber security risks and computer systems failures these days. Sophisticated systems and programs used by airlines are always vulnerable to hacking. If such a problem has emerged, delays or even cancellations are inevitable. However, inappropriate weather conditions are another common cause for the delays. Storms and snowfalls, as well as extreme heat, are easy to forecast, nevertheless, not all companies notify about the possible delays in advance.

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