Farm crisis essay sample

Agriculture is an essential part of American export and food manufacturing at home. The demand in and out of the country continually rises, and agricultural sector continues to expand. Huge corporations require a huge amount of corn, soy, and wheat while more and more households are interested in organic vegetables. Anyway, the life of farmers is not easy these days in spite of the general elation of the sector.

The key problem in the present-day farming is an inefficient use of resources which results in a lack of land and water. The current climate change poses more challenges to the farmers who have to spend more on their yields with every year. GMO crops as well as chemical supplements used in agriculture help to enhance the resistance of plants to excessive insects and damaging droughts, however, they are helpful rather to huge agricultural businesses. Small farmers strive to avoid any modifications because local customers will not buy vegetables stuffed with chemicals. Agricultural experts are deeply concerned about GMO issues. GMO companies are proud that their crops are fully adapted to the modern realities and fulfill the demand of population in corn and soy. Nevertheless, smaller American farmers cannot see tangible benefits in this popular trend.

High-tech operating is another new trend aimed at helping farmers. They can monitor the amount of water and chemicals in their fields using new sensors. Authorization and robotization of the industry allow utilizing fewer resources for farming. The problem is that small farmers cannot invest in required technical advancements which means they are left behind the large corporations.