Alleviation of poverty essay sample

Monitoring and reduction of poverty are specified in the Millennium Development Goals. Social and economic instability drags a vast damage not only to the poorest countries but to the nations on the top of the world economy.  Combating poverty may seem quite overgeneralized as the problem occurs in almost all countries of the world. Non-profit organizations work side by side with governments to alleviate existing poverty by donations, aid, implementing innovations, and bringing investments.

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most beaten by poverty regions in the world. Non-profits such as the United Nations Organization and the International Center for Alleviation of Poverty developed several approaches to eradication of poverty. Increasing public awareness is the prior stage. The rural population needs to understand that their life conditions must be changed and accept aid provided by organizations. The utmost attention shall be put on the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. The population must realize the importance of making the blood-test and accepting antiretroviral therapy. Non-profits, in their turn, must supply enough medication to the poorest countries which is the only way to prevent further infections. Among other issues which need to be addressed, we can find malaria, child mortality, detrimental agricultural practices and a lack of schools.

Taking care of the least successful countries, organization realize that many people in the US are unemployed and live below the poverty line. Social welfare programs such as food stamps, earned income tax credit, and social security provide a basic support to indigent Americans. However, the issue of a welfare reform is frequently raised because the current improvement is not impressive yet. Rather few people manage to come out of poverty as compared to those who run down because of debts or unemployment.

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